crazysex247 said: How many inches is your dick

It’s between 6.5-7 inches in length & it is also 6.5 inches around, pretty girthy

crazysex247 said: Would you let your gf try a guy with a bigger dick

Nope, we’re pretty good with just being each others.. Plus as I think we answered once before on here she has already been with a guy who had a bigger penis both longer and thicker than me before we met, I’m the second largest actual penis she’s had.. If there is anytime she’s in the mood she has always got her 9 inch dildo to put inside her

Here’s a close up of her boob I tried and failed to take while she was riding on top of me

Here’s a close up of her boob I tried and failed to take while she was riding on top of me

Anonymous said: Have you played with each other's butt?

Yes I have put my fingers, my tongue, & my penis deep inside her butthole.. we both it..

 She has recently put her tongue in my butthole & that was definitely an interesting experience

she-lets-me-play said: What was the funnest sex adventure you have had and what was the kinkiest

   Hmm the most fun well we’ve done it a few times by a lake or a river.. the time at the lake it was late at night & some kids were drinking in the dark. They couldn’t see us but they heard her moan my name they proceeded to cheer my name.. The other time at the river it was dark in the park along the river so we started making out, getting undressed, and fucking.. as I was cumming inside her a ferry pulled up not even 20 ft away from us.. we cleaned up quick but I’m sure some of the people getting off saw us nude to the side.

    The kinkiest was the first time I pee’d on her, we came home from a concert all sweaty and were preparing to shower.. I knew she wanted to try it so she got naked and sat down in the tub.  I pee’d all over her and we both got super turned on, that led to bending her over and fucking her hard from behind.. then soaped each other up to clean how dirty we got.

Anonymous said: For the girl.. What is the smallest boner you've ever been with? & what's the smallest flaccid cock you've been with? Either your bf?

He probably has the smallest flaccid cock out of the guys I’ve been with but he’s one of the bigger when he’s hard. I’ve unfortunately been with a few guys who were quite small even when hard, and we never really had good sex

Anonymous said: Do you like his curve? After having it would you keep it or if you could, make his penis straight?

I love the curve, he’s able to hit spots inside me in certain positions that feel so amazing. We would still have great sex if he was straight but I don’t think it would be good at times

Anonymous said: can she take you whole big fat cock in her ass?

Yes I can, he feels great in my ass as well as my vagina

Anonymous said: For the girl, do you wish his penis was bigger?

His penis is big when it counts (when he’s hard), I wouldn’t mind if it was bigger soft but I’m very happy it grows bigger erect

Anonymous said: Damn that pic of you post sex is hot, pussy looks hot gaped & dripping

Thanks, felt amazing having him cum inside me after some great sex

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