Putting my cock deep inside her

butchcacity said: How is my cock!!?? I want to send you guys a pic bit I can't figure out ol how to submit a photo??

Here is the link for anyone that wants to submit anything besides asking a question http://intimatelynaked.tumblr.com/submit

Anonymous said: Honest question, not trying to bash or joke, for the girl, when he's soft, does he have a bulge in his pants that you can see or do you just know where it is from seeing it a lot & it's small enough to not show a bulge

We’ve been together for a while so I know where his dick sits in his pants, but it depends on what he is wearing. He has pants that do show off more of a bulge than others. But when he’s hard it is deff noticeable in whatever he is wearing

Anonymous said: A while ago the female here answered a question if you were both nudists, she said no but you both like being naked when you can be, a follow up for her.. Are you interested in eventually becoming a nudist? If not always public at least at home?

Well at home I have no problem being naked all the time. But I don’t think I would want to be a nudist all the time like in public and everything, I like a little privacy

Anonymous said: is there any penis too big for you,like if there was a 14 inch penis out there would you want try it, if your dildo is 9 inches would you wanna keep trying bigger and bigger if you could?

I’d deff try bigger than 9. My dildo fills me up nice and I love the way it feels. That’s the biggest for me so far but I’d try

Anonymous said: would the girl be interested in rating my dick telling me what she likes and doesnt like if I submitted a dick pic?

Sure, send a pic

Anonymous said: Not a question, a statement. I've recently discovered that I like watching women pee, love the blog. I'm afraid to tell my gf. How did it come up w/u 2?

Well honestly we were just one night having a conversation about fetishes & besides her telling me that she had a big cock fetish she wouldn’t tell me what her actual one was.. So I started naming off fetishes with her saying no & when I said pee/golden showers she didn’t say no.  To her relief I’m a pretty open person so I was cool with the idea of doing something she liked. 

I’m not really sure how to tell you to bring it up to your girlfriend but I would suggest being you are dating her, have one of those conversations about fetishes or the weird things you both are into & maybe itll give you an oppurtunity to tell her yours

crazysex247 said: How many inches is your dick

It’s between 6.5-7 inches in length & it is also 6.5 inches around, pretty girthy

crazysex247 said: Would you let your gf try a guy with a bigger dick

Nope, we’re pretty good with just being each others.. Plus as I think we answered once before on here she has already been with a guy who had a bigger penis both longer and thicker than me before we met, I’m the second largest actual penis she’s had.. If there is anytime she’s in the mood she has always got her 9 inch dildo to put inside her

Here’s a close up of her boob I tried and failed to take while she was riding on top of me

Here’s a close up of her boob I tried and failed to take while she was riding on top of me

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